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We offer a variety of quality products that will fit your sleep apnea needs.


CPAP Machine

•  Whisper quiet operation

•  Great for travel or home use

•  Durable construction with a 5-year manufacturer warranty
•  smartflex pressure relief for comfort

•  Clean, sophisticated design  looks great in the bedroom


So Clean

Sanitize all of your entire CPAP equipment without removing the mask, hose, or reservoir.
Eliminates 99.9% of CPAP bacteria, viruses, and mold safely and naturally with no water or chemicals needed!”
Cleaning shouldn’t take you away from the rest of your day. The automated cleaning cycle does the work for you.


Aloha Pillow Mask

The Aloha Nasal Pillows System is the next evolution in the design of the nasal pillow interface. Not only is this device extremely lightweight and quiet, but it offers an incredibly stable and comfortable seal.

The unique ball-and-swivel joint, along with a hose swivel, adapts to the most active of sleepers – all with minimal
contact to the user’s face.