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    Walton Respiratory

    Trouble staying awake?Try Walton Respiratory solution for a good night sleep.More
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    Walton Respiratory

    Does your spouse snore?We can help you with this.More
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    Walton Respiratory

    How to get a good night sleep?We can give you sweet dreams.More

Are you constantly tired and lacking energy?

Does your spouse have trouble sleeping because of your snoring? If you answered yes then you might have sleep apnea.

We can help you with this and get you back to enjoying life with lots of energy.


Ask us about our free sleep apnea test.
We provide our customers with a sleep apnea test that will allow you to know if you are sleep deprived. This is the first step to getting you on the right track.


Check out our latest products.
The quality of our products are the best in fredericton. We have the best of the best.


What do we provide for you?
We provide the testing, diagnosis and treatment for sleep apnea.

We make it easy for you. 


Call us today!